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CoinFresh seeks to make securing whitelist sale positions as easy as a Google search, allowing any investor to identify ground-floor opportunities in promising projects.


The CoinFresh native token allows users to secure their spot in a whitelist faster than their peers, facilitating utility and intrinsic value to the community, token, and ecosystem.


CoinFresh ensures that only the highest quality whitelist investment opportunities are found on our site. This quality assurance removes much of the need for manual and costly due diligence.

Coinfresh - About Us.

CoinFresh facilitates investment opportunities and education for the crypto community. The platform is friendly for users of all experience levels and facilitates understanding regarding investment risk and strategy. Projects maintain vetting from expert analysts who share their methodologies with the community, thereby providing education and protection to CoinFresh users!


The CoinFresh ecosystem allows projects to easily interface with interested community members without needing to pay for access to groups of indeterminate quality. The savings derived from this aggregation allow projects to focus on what they do best – building.

Alleviating this pain point for builders and investors fosters higher quality projects and sets the CoinFresh ecosystem apart from other communities. The confluence of value means that the quality of our community and projects continues to grow with each passing day!


Campaigns like SweepWidget and Gleam make it easy for projects to track incentives but don’t facilitate access for creators and developers or sufficiently incentivize user loyalty. Many investors often liquidate quickly, and the team must engage with multiple communities to maximize their exposure to presale whitelist projects.


CoinFresh bridges this disconnect by aggregating high-quality presale whitelist projects in a single incentivized blockchain environment. We’re your one-stop shop to engage with a large community of highly dedicated and incentivized investors.

How We Work

CoinFresh provides several mutually beneficial opportunities to projects and potential investors. Projects can enjoy substantial reach via CoinFresh’s community of incentivized investors and communicators. Investors receive access to high-quality whitelist projects without needing to scour social media. Advertisers can leverage this intersection to maximize their upcoming project or service offering’s reach.

Who Benefits

Investors receive exposure to high quality projects. Teams enjoy a single awareness platform. Advertisers can run banner ads to communicate with teams and communities. CoinFresh makes investing easy for everyone!

The CoinFresh Token

The CoinFresh native token empowers users in several ways. Token holders receive preferable odds when bidding to fill presale whitelist spots – 5% of every whitelist competition is reserved for loyal community members. For users who want to secure their spot definitively, burning X amount of CoinFresh tokens ensures a spot in specific whitelists.

5% of every transaction
is automatically added to
the marketing budget.
1 Quadrillion
CoinFresh tokens
500 Trillion CoinFresh tokens
(50% of the total supply) will
be burnt before launch.
3% of every sell transaction will
be redistributed to all holders
in different tokens every week,
simply by holding $COINFRESH
3% of every transaction
is automatically added to
the Pancake Swap liquidity
pool, locked for 6 months.
2% of every
transaction is
automatically added to
the Development budget.
3% of every sell transaction is used
to automatically buy Coinfresh tokens
and burn them subsequently.
Our Strategy and Project Plan
Phase 1 Nov 21
Project planning
Team building
Strategic planning
Website launch
Phase 2 Dec 21
Private sale
Alpha testing
Platform launch
Coinfresh token launch
Website revamp
NFT marketplace development
Project partnerships
Phase 3 Jan 22
Exchange listings
Nft marketplace launch
Surprise launch
Coinfresh NFT collection launch
Work on creating more usecases
Phase 4 Feb-March 22
Platform V1.2
Team building
Mobile APP
Ongoing Expansion Of Coinfresh Ecosystem With New Features

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